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Phi Brows artist Jana Raris has an artistic eye and extraordinary permanent makeup skills that have earned her an excellent reputation for attractive and natural-looking eyebrow microblading and microshading. Her keen sense of aesthetics and considerable microshading and microblading training make Jana Raris the licensed permanent makeup artist sought after by your local friends and neighbors for popular eyebrow enhancement services. You can rest assured that Jana's expert assessment of your skin type and skin tone will enable her to recommend the best kind of permanent eyebrow service for you. Jana's extensive training and experience earned her licensing in NJ as a permanent makeup artist. Her licensure and gold membership in the American Academy of Micropigmentation ensure that Jana follows all established health and sanitization guidelines to provide you with the safest possible permanent makeup services.

Attractive Eyebrow Enhancements
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As a PhiBrows™ Artist with a background in art and design, Jana leverages her expert drawing, painting and color-matching skills to provide her Brows and Beauty clients with the most attractive and natural-looking microblading and microshading brown enhancement services. Whether you're new to permanent makeup, are looking to refresh the appearance of your eyebrows, or need to consult with Jana about correcting permanent makeup provided by another practitioner, Brows and Beauty by Jana is your trusted source for safe, attractive microblading and microshading services.

Safe & Popular Permanent Eyebrow Services

Stylish Eyebrow Treatments

What do your eyebrows say about you? Bold, stylish eyebrows are the hallmark of a well-groomed appearance, but keeping your brows looking great can cost you a lot of time and effort each day. Brows and Beauty offers permanent eyebrow procedures tailored to your facial structure and personal preferences that allow your brows to look naturally full 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Eyebrow enhancement can be accomplished through microblading or microshading (eyebrow tattooing) and is the perfect solution for anyone with makeup allergies or naturally thin eyebrows or who has experienced thinning eyebrow hair due to alopecia, cancer treatment, aging, or menopause. Whether you want a soft makeup look or a bolder brow, talented artist Jana Raris will consult with you to determine your needs and preferences. She'll also perform a comprehensive evaluation of your skin tone and type to recommend the most beneficial eyebrow enhancement services for your needs, including:

3D Brows (Microblading)

3D Brows (Microblading)

Microblading is a safe cosmetic tattooing procedure that can help make your brow hair appear to be denser or give you a whole new natural-looking set of eyebrows. Using a handheld tool, Jana will implant strokes of pigment beneath your skin that mimic brow hair to create an eyebrow shape, texture and color that gives you the most realistic results. Microblading is an excellent solution if your eyebrows are sparse, you want their shape enhanced, and you prefer the look of a less filled-in brow. Microblading is more effective on normal-type skin than on oily or combination skin.

Ombré Powder Brows

Ombré Powder Brows

Similar in process to a traditional tattoo, ombré brows is effective on most skin types and creates a fuller and more dramatic brow than microblading. During your session, Jana will carefully implant thousands of tiny dots of pigment in your skin, artfully building shaded color to give your brows soft, realistic-looking dimension and define a natural-looking brow shape for you. If you have combination or oily skin, mature skin, or prefer the look of softer, more filled-in brows, Ombré brows could be your best choice.

Combination Brows

Combination Brows

Using a combination of microblade hair strokes and powder fill tattooing, Jana creates amazingly natural-looking eyebrows suited to your specific skin type, skin tone, bone structure, and preferences. Using a handheld microblading tool, Jana will place pigmented strokes around the border of your brows to create a natural appearance, and then apply an ombré powder effect to your brows using a tattoo machine to give your brows a soft, full appearance.

Why Do New Jersey Residents Choose Brows & Beauty for Eyebrow Enhancement Services?

Your NJ friends and neighbors depend on Brows & Beauty by Jana for the most beautiful, natural-looking 3D Brows, Ombré Powdered Brows, and Combination Brows.

Top-Quality Treatments

At Brows & Beauty, Jana uses skilled techniques and only the best quality, modern tattoo machines, microblades, pigments, and after-care ointment so you can rest assured you'll get the most desirable results from your eyebrow enhancement procedure. To ensure your best outcome from eyebrow microblading and powder tattooing, Jana will provide you with pre- and post-procedure care instructions. These instructions include avoiding the use of blood thinners before your procedure, arriving well-hydrated for your 3D Brow, Ombré Brow, or Combination Brow appointment, and avoiding sun exposure for 30 days after your procedure.

Personalized Service

Brows & Beauty is known for providing each client with the utmost personalized attention. To ensure high quality and consistency throughout your permanent makeup experience, Jana will be your single point of contact throughout your eyebrow enhancement experience, from customized consultation and treatment through follow-up care. Jana is a highly trained licensed professional makeup artist who is happy to answer your questions, address your concerns, and thoroughly explain all post-treatment recommendations. She'll personally consult with you to understand your permanent makeup treatment goals and assess your skin type, skin tone, and bone structure before recommending the best eyebrow enhancement procedure for you. As an honest, ethical practitioner, Jana will refund your deposit if she determines, after assessing your skin, that eyebrow enhancement won't produce the desired results.

Clean and Sanitary

Brows & Beauty follows all safety and cleanliness standards for our facility, equipment, and personnel.

Licensed and Highly Trained

A certified PhiBrows™ artist who also completed training at Aesthetic Lounge in New York City, Jana has met rigorous safety, testing and experience requirements to become a Licensed Permanent Makeup Artist in New Jersey. When you want to be sure that your eyebrow enhancement procedure will heal beautifully and enhance your appearance, turn to Brows & Beauty by Jana.

Talented, Creative Artist

Jana's artistic talent and instinct for aesthetics was apparent from a very young age. Her background as an architect and jewelry designer helped her build finger dexterity and refine drawing and painting skills. She now leverages her artistic talents to provide attractive, natural-looking eyebrow enhancements to her growing loyal client base.

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